The Forest Beginner’s Guide in 7 Minutes

The Forest is a survival game with a surprisingly enriched story campaign buried into it. Your plane crashes on a remote island inhabited by seriously twisted tribal folk who have a taste for human flesh.

And of course they decide to take your only son away from you.

Run, jump, swim, and spelunker your way through the harshness of the island as you search for poor Timmy. Unlike my other beginner’s guides I firmly believe that part of the fun for survival games is discovering all the elements inside the game yourself. So to preserve that idea this guide will be split into two parts:

The first part will cover beginner tips with the intention of leaving player discovery elements a mystery. It will mostly cover mechanics that may not be as easy to figure out along with general basics on the game itself.

The second part however we will go over beginner tips with more substance for folks who want a nudge in the right direction on their journey through The Forest, and who don’t care as much about discovering everything on their own.

The bottom right corner has your current hunger, thirst, energy, stamina, and armor. You’ll find ways to add to your armor pool as you progress. Your health status can be found at the end of your survival book. Take out your lighter with the L key on PC and put it away with the same key. This is useful for putting away other tools that are held in the left hand down the road as well. It also is a magical lighter and currently never runs out.

You can drink from still water like ponds but not from other areas. I’m including this because sometimes finding the correct angle that lets you drink is a bit finicky. Speaking of which, smashing crates and opening luggage can have a specific positioning to let you do it. It takes a little practice but generally you want to line it up carefully so you don’t miss.

You have 4 hotkeys you can use, and to change what the hotkeys link to you have to place your backpack into the crafting spot and craft it with the tool or item you want to hotkey.

To see what crafting recipes you have available you must hover over the cog wheel that appears when you have an item in the crafting spot. If you’re too close in proximity to an animal trap it simply won’t work, so figure out how you want to solve this.

Like most survival games, you need to keep yourself fed, hydrated, and healthy. For hydration, you have a few options. Drink from ponds if you’re desperate which will damage your HP. Use a turtle shell to create a water collector which will store rainwater after it rains. Drink soda or booze, but this will have a negative effect on your health and isn’t a good long-term strategy. Eat berries that don’t kill you. My favorite here are blueberries denoted by the crown on top of the berry. Find an empty pot, fill it with water, and boil it over a fire to make fresh water. Craft a water-skin, fill it with clean water, and carry it with you.

For food you have even more options. Raw animal meat spoils if left in your inventory too long. You can eat it raw, cook it over a fire, or dry it on a drying rack. The drying rack is the best strategy for storing lots of food over a long period. If left over a fire too long food will burn and can dehydrate you when you eat it.

Once you have the survival techniques you can live off the land quite easily. Armor is crucial to surviving combat. Armor can be gained from Lizard Hide, Leaves, Bones, and the end-game armor comes from mutants. Burn cannibal bodies to get bones for armor. Hot tip you can take a lighter to the hairspray can and burn bodies where they lay, rather than building a fire.

Rabbit Traps can catch other animals including Raccoons and even fish if you place them in water. The log sled carries almost anything including logs, sticks, rocks, and even bodies. The Hunting Shelter attracts birds regularly and can be a good source of feathers.

Finally in case you missed it, you will find the map for the game inside the cave the cannibals drag you to upon your first death.

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