Spoken English सीखे बिल्कुल Basic से

Spoken English सीखे बिल्कुल Basic से | English Speaking Practice | English Lovers Live

English बोलना सीखे बिल्कुल Basic से Class 1 | English Speaking Course Day 1 | Live English Class 1

PDF of this class is available on my Telegram Channel.
Follow the link- https://t.me/EnglishLoversofficial
All PDF notes are also available on our website: www.englishlovers.in

You may download my app ENGLISH LOVERS from Google play store and purchase the course. All the best. Link of my course- http://on-app.in/app/oc/63912/ihphz

Best E- books to improve your English
1000 Daily Use Sentences PDF – https://rigi.club/lm/x8GnOw5Ucs
500 Daily Use Words PDF – https://rigi.club/lm/2rQwM4pm96
1000 Most Common words in English PDF – https://rigi.club/lm/oDskpw0zzJ

⭐Class notes ke PDFs, study material, practice test or Answer keys ke liye pehle Telegram app Google Play Store se download kijiye or phir hmare Telegram channel ko join kare neeche diye hue link ko click krke.
Follow the link- https://t.me/EnglishLoversofficial

⭐ SUPER 30 batch (30 Live Classes ) A complete Spoken English Course

⭐New English speaking course की videos देखने के लिए playlist देखें –

⭐Complete videos of English reading practice with stories

⭐Complete playlist of LEARN ENGLISH WHILE SLEEPING videos :

⭐Complete videos of Word meanings in English with sentences.

⭐English Speaking Course from Zero level (30 Videos) :

⭐English Speaking Course with PDFs (25 Videos) :

⭐English Speaking Course DUS KA DUM (10 Videos) :

⭐English NEWSPAPER READING practice (9 Videos) :

⭐Daily use topics in Spoken English (37 Videos) :

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