English बोलना सीखे एकदम Starting से || English Speaking Course

Is video me hum English speaking course ki class 1 me bilkul zero level se English seekhne ki shruwat karenge. English seekhne ke liye sabse jyada jaroori hai English speaking ki practice krna wo bhi sahi subject verb combination ke saath. To aap bhi agar English bolte hue galti krte hain to ye complete English speaking ka course kijiye or free spoken course ka fayda uthayen.

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Buy course here http://payments.course-today.com?token=eyJjb3Vyc2VJZCI6NjM5MTIsInR1dG9ySWQiOjIxMTQ4Miwib3JnSWQiOjcyMTUsImNhdGVnb3J5SWQiOm51bGx9

English Speaking Course (बस SENSE समझिए)

Class 1- https://youtu.be/beyozG3VFUA (English बोलना सीखे एकदम Starting से)
Class 2- https://youtu.be/0PktQeSp5i0 (Sentence कैसे बनता है)
Class 3- https://youtu.be/3eyEj7-MvDg (Most important 30 VERBS)
Class 4- https://youtu.be/JTVZI2i-b20 (Sentence and its Types)
Class 5- https://youtu.be/Ir3UcoC6EQo (English में बातचीत की शुरुआत कैसे करें)
Class 6- https://youtu.be/LGaFbFzkPtw (Noun and its Types)
Class 7-https://youtu.be/REAlDrAiARM (English की सभी VERBS)
Class 8-https://youtu.be/G9W8pVpYrto (रोज काम आने वाले 50 English Phrases)
Class 9-https://youtu.be/Hlc9muHNpeQ (Pronoun and its Types)
Class 10- https://youtu.be/m9vddWLwP4Q (Adjective and its Types)
Class 11- https://youtu.be/cB7uQltzPyQ (Preposition and its Types)
Class 12- https://youtu.be/jXtR7xaWEtQ (Daily use ke 50 words)-Part-1
Class 13-https://youtu.be/MhzxQ4yVCes (Daily use ke 50 words)-Part-2
Class 14-https://youtu.be/gFAsQsCGozo (Present Tense)
Class 15-https://youtu.be/nD0gfiPM9FQ (Self Introduction in English)
Class 16-https://youtu.be/bSGu9ZmfYpQ (Past Tense)
Class 17- https://youtu.be/iZrjuQNYzqA (Daily Routine in English)
Class 18- https://youtu.be/18fjWrcX4AM (Future Tense)
Class 19- https://youtu.be/_5XCRcDjImM (Modals and its types)
Class 20- https://youtu.be/AGwOehWlSbQ (Articles and its uses)
Class 21- https://youtu.be/19XAT5VE6eA (Daily use ke 50 words)-Part-1
Class 22- https://youtu.be/yRH_6T3lGDY (Daily use ke 50 words)-Part-2
Class 23- https://youtu.be/Hje-OCdp_q0 (Adverb and its types)
Class 24- https://youtu.be/U5nfyTvx0Sw (Active and Passive Voice)
Class 25- https://youtu.be/UCTYu1ozy5I (Daily use sentences in English)
Class 26- https://youtu.be/uYnAqqJQOYs (Narration)
Class 27- https://youtu.be/JLdv_l_7w1A (Question Tags)
Class 28- https://youtu.be/j_XxriWfALc (Conjunction and its uses)
Class 29- https://youtu.be/S3owiy9FO1Y (Interjection and its uses)
Class 30-https://youtu.be/-gOLDisqHuY (Use of some, any, few, little)

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